Born in Rome, Mira spent most of her early years in Jordan before moving to Montreal in to pursue her studies at McGill University. Referring to Canada as her second home, Mira later moved to Istanbul where she aimed to connect with her maternal heritage,
bringing to life her jewelry brand MIRA.

Although jewellery creation began as a hobby, as she became acquainted with the fashion industry and its immense communication power, she decided to utilize her creative side to bring to life a brand that may be used to send vital messages to the world. In other words, she wanted to use MIRA as a means of communicating, hoping that she may one day be able to inspire as many individuals as possible into a more conscious and responsible way of living.

Innately passionate about the world; the environment and its inhabitants, Mira hopes to provide an alternative to negative impact brands by providing ethically handmade timeless designs that go against the imposing and ever-changing trends of the fashion industry.

With big goals and a demanding schedule, Mira has little time to think about her outfit, and therefore designs her collections with the same woman in mind; A woman who works everyday on reaching her full potential in this world, but does not want to sacrifice how she looks whilst doing so.

“I want to cater to the woman who will drive the conversation at dinner; be knowledgeable; the most charismatic. She works on advancing herself every day, not afraid to dance or laugh out loud. A woman who is proud of who she is and of reaching her full potential. A woman who knows she was born to shine.” - Mira Sadi

Ready to develop her imagination, and with the dream of one day turning her brand into a globally conscious contributor and fundraiser, Mira is now based in London, but is constantly traveling the world, scouting for inspirational elements,
and living with the vision of a global citizen.

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